Down Time & Updates

As you have notice that in the last weeks we have experienced alot of downtime. The hosting provider was not able to provide stability for Website and Spyders. This caused lots of downtime which we found very unacceptable. We have now changed Hosting providers which has already shown vast improvments on the website.

Minor Updates

-View all bots in channel.
-View all packs per bot.

Out With The Old In With The New!

Please bare with us as we attempt to work out a few bugs here and there.
If you encounter any issues or errors, let us know about them: Contact us or find us on IRC.

What's new about our site?

-TV Scheduling
-PreDB Sorting
-Custom Redesigned Layout

Thanks for choosing XDCC.ME and Happy Leeching!

Database Stats
Networks: 15
Channels: 31
Bots: 3,527
Packs: 256,868
Total Offerd: 4.32 TB

IRC Network
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